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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there tracking offered ?

Yes. All shipments without exception can be tracked by their tracking number. Shipments sent from Canada will travel by land while shipments from overseas will travel by air. We do not ship by sea (boat) because it's too slow. We ship using the following carriers:

- Canada Post
- Australia Post
- SpeedPak (Orange Connex)
- ePacket
- 4PX

When can I expect my order ?

Depending on the shipping location and destination, each order will take between 7 and 20 days. Most orders are delivered within 14 days. You can refer to this page for more details on shipping.

Is there a warranty offered ?

Yes. You can click here for more details.

Will I damage my batteries and/or tools using an adapter ?

The short answer, no. Some brands (like Ridgid / AEG) have put the battery monitor and sensor in the battery while some other brands have put the components in the tool. If you are using a battery that has the safety components in the battery, there is nothing to worry about. If your battery does not have that component, we recommend that you do not fully discharge the battery and stop using the adapter when the battery reaches about 20% charge. As for the tool, there is no risk at all.

Do I need to remove the adapter from the battery once I am done using it ?

It depends. If the battery adapter has electronics like a USB port, you need to remove the adapter from the battery. This will prevent the adapter from draining the battery (at a very, very slow rate none the less). If the adapter is a straight bypass (meaning taking the voltage from the battery and passing it directly to the tool), you can leave the adapter on the battery. This kind of adapter is similar to an extension cord. All our polypropylene adapters include a low voltage cut-off circuit to prevent this from happening.